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Driving the Bugatti Veyron is Like Piloting a Fighter Jet

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We did it—we finally drove the Bugatti Veyron. We were out in Pebble Beach this past weekend, and some naive PR rep gave us the keys and told us to have a go. We didn’t even think twice.


From the moment you sit down, you realize you’re in something special. The cabin is drenched is supple blue leather, the machined aluminum steering wheel is probably the most opulent thing we’ve ever seen, and it’s as if your finger is magnetized, being pulled towards the starter button.

And then you start it up—holy shit.

All 1,200 horses come alive, forcing you into a fit of sweaty palms and tight pants. You put it in gear, slap your sweaty mitts on the steering wheel, and press the gas, praying you don’t throw it off a cliff.


To put it simply: It will literally change the way you see speed.

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