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I Got Tossed Off A Brand New Kawasaki—And It Sucked

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I’ve been riding motorcycles for about ten years, and in that time I’ve been pretty lucky. I was the outlying ratio, due to the fact I had never been down (i.e.: crashed) in my life. The old saying goes, “It’s not if you’ll lay your motorcycle down, but when you’ll lay it down.” And for ten years, I thought I had beaten the odds, and that I would continue to beat the odds into the future.


Well, the odds finally came back to bite me in the ass last Saturday.

I was riding in the hills on a brand new, gorgeous, green Kawasaki Z1000. It was right around that perfect time of day where the sun is setting and it casts shadows over the hills. Kind of makes you question why you would ever do anything else other than ride. And it happened—the day that I had been dreading for over 10 years. I had to lay it down. And it wasn’t pretty.


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