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The Acura NSX Will Be the Perfect Halo Car, And Here's Why

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Finally, the world has been graced with a production version of the upcoming NSX. It only took them four plus years to do it. But while we wait in anticipation for the arrival of Honda’s halo supercar, there are still some cynics out there— *cough* Doug Demuro *cough*.


Granted, Doug’s piece brings up a lot of good points. Acura doesn’t have a strong lineup to support the NSX like Audi did with the R8. But I think we’re all underestimating the power of a good halo car, and just as important, clever marketing. Like this gem from VP Erik Berkman.

“Moving forward, you can expect premium products that place even greater emphasis on dynamic design, premium content, and exhilarating performance.”



But when you look at the original NSX and the impact it had, it’s hard to dispute. In 2005, Acura peaked with close to 210,000 sales in the U.S. If you’re familiar with Acura’s star-studded, early-2000’s lineup, that’s a pretty damn impressive feat to accomplish. The cars were bad, the SUVS were bad, and the only (slightly) bright spot other than the NSX was the TSX.


Today Acura has the respectable TLX, and a much-improved RDX SUV. Neither are great, but with the help of the NSX, a few hundred thousand naive buyers will flock into dealerships looking for their own performance-y Acura. Poor saps.

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