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The Maserati Bora Makes Us Feel Some Type of Way

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It’s #MaseratiMonday, so let’s talk about some obscure (yet wonderful) Maserati. This time we’re looking at the Bora, which was essentially a mid-engined middle finger to Lamborghini, De Tomaso and eventually Ferrari. Except it was less of a supercar and more of a big, fast, luxury coupe.


It started life in 1968 as a prototype, hitting the road in 1969, and soon becoming a staple of ‘70s Italian design. It had a big sloped hood and a nice butt. And under the hood, you were graced with a burly V8 and up to 320 horsepower.

The Bora really was really a high point for Maserati, even if it only lasted a few years. A brand that was on the brink of extinction saved itself with one uniquely wonderful piece of engineering. Weren’t the ‘70s great?


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