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The Shelby GT350 Proves Engineering Isn't Everything

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We were pretty anxious to drive the new Mustang Shelby GT350. The idea was simple: build the most badass Mustang ever to be made ever. At least, that was our thinking going into it. Ford had it it with a new flat-plane crank V8 and somewhere near 520 horsepower. And flat out, you’d get to 60 mph in about 4.0 seconds.


Problem was, it felt like something was missing. We’ll explain.

When you put it up against the new Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, the differences are pretty apparent. Whereas Chevrolet went and built a real race car, Ford went ahead and modified the already competent Mustang. Not even in an alternate universe can we say that the Shelby GT350 is a ‘bad’ car. It’s not. But there was something missing when it came to the overall drive.


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