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This Local Motors Shooting Brake Concept is Hot Sexy Hotness

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Why can’t Americans build a decent shooting brake? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that question in the shower. Truly, anyone can build a sexy shooting brake, it just takes a good designer like Gabriel Hantig.


He has a vision: bring the shooting brake to America. And under a Local Motors badge, no less.

He’s calling it the GT Vision Blast, and it was created as a literal vision for a Local Motors-branded Gran Turismo car. But I say screw Gran Turismo, this thing should be out in the real world showing everyone how badass American shooting brakes can be. Here’s what the designer had to say about it:

“On the rear I tried to add a detail for the identity; The wing curved up, and rear exhaust placed almost at the center to be 100% visible, so the cars behind could see that it’s a powerful monster.”


Yep, it’s definitely a monster—a monster that needs to be built.

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